Nate Meikle

Assistant Professor, Management, University of Kansas

Nathan Meikle is an assistant professor in the KU School of Business. He researches social perception and its implications for organizations. Specifically, he examines the cues people use to form impressions (e.g., confidence, deference) and the biases that affect people’s perceptions (e.g., motivated reasoning, exponential growth bias). His research on social perception and bias has been published in The Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, The Journal of Business Ethics, Research in Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business Review, and The Oxford Handbook of Advice.

Before starting his PhD, Nathan graduated from Stanford Law School. He also worked as a college football sideline reporter for 10 years, after playing football for Brigham Young University.

Nathan is the author of the memoir Little Miss: A father, his daughter and rocket science that chronicles the experience of teaching his two-year-old daughter to read. Nathan is also the creator of the podcast Meikles and Dimes, where every episode is dedicated to the simple, the practical, and the underappreciated.

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