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Written by Jen Overbeck


The Future of Work

I was honoured to join experts from across the University of Melbourne to discuss how work may change after COVID.

June 12, 2020

University of Melbourne

By Faculty experts from across the university in webinar


When Home Becomes the Workplace

Our homes and workplaces underwent a radical merger in 2020. With colleagues from Melbourne Business School, I discussed the changes..

May 28, 2020

Melbourne Business School (online)

By Jen Overbeck & colleagues in webinar


The Gender Power Gap

In 2019, we learned that there are more men named Andrew than women heading Australia’s biggest companies. In this podcast, I discussed how stereotypes and beliefs about power contribute to the gap.

February 28, 2020

12:00 AM

University of Melbourne podcast series

By Jen Overbeck (podcast guest) in podcast