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I am currently available to supervise PhD, Masters, and Honours students.

By Jen Overbeck in student supervision

July 24, 2021

Join an existing project

I have many active projects, as well as some ideas that I haven’t had time or help to develop. The latter include

  • How does status affect whether someone can exclude others?
  • Is power a solution to the tradeoff between freedom and relatedness?
  • How does destabilisation of job opportunities in one’s local region predict compensatory power behaviours?
  • Are cultural logics really lay theories of how power works?
  • Several more!

Propose your own idea

Please be sure to read my work and review current projects and talks to be sure that your interests have some degree of overlap with mine. I am open to diverse ideas and working with independent-minded students…as long as there’s good fit between us!

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July 24, 2021
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